(except lying on the beach)

Palm tree hill
That is the Instagram spot of Mirissa. Usually, it´s very crowded, but you can find yourself a spot to watch a beautiful sunset with a cold beer in hand and your loved one by your side. If you are an early bird it might be worth to check for sunrise. 

Peacock wall
On the way to Palm tree hill, there is a hotel Palm villa on the main road with a painted peacock. A very popular spot to take photos too!

Parrot rock
It´s the island in Mirrissa bay where you can climb on top and watch the bay from another perspective. Get ready - you will walk through the ocean, rips can be strong and the whole journey is not really safe. Once I´ve been watching a little tornado from there.

Ratnagiri hilltop temple
A few steps up and you will see all of Mirissa bay, palm trees, Parrot rock etc. Steps are placed just behind the police station. Don´t forget to cover your knees and shoulders as it is a sacred area. If you are lucky you might get a blessing from the monks.
They also practise yoga every day over there!

It´s worth to go for a dinner or drink to Weligama bay villas near Mirissa harbour on a clear weather day for a beautiful sunset and views. There is also a little secret beach nearby.

Sunset somewhere in Sri Lanka

My favourite trip! Just walk inland either around a little river or Little tuna restaurant direction, cross the bridge and keep walking until you will spot a local house by the lagoon. There is a one-eyed man - your captain! Jump on his wooden raft and let him drive you to the island. He will show you local spices growing there. You will spot many animals on your cruise too. Don´t forget to tip this nice guy at the end of your trip.

Ayoo! Your shoulders feel sour? Yeah, I know it! My favourite massage places in Mirissa are Badora spa and Secret root spa. I am sure there are other spots, but I am just too lazy and happy with those two to check out new ones. However, in peak season, it can get very busy!
Prices start from 2500Rs./hour.

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