We are beyond excited to share with you our latest collection. 

It was my first European winter in a number of years last year and I realised how much potential it has for the ambitious designer that I am. A hoodies collection was in my mind for a while, but I wanted to have it perfect and exactly as I imagined - extra long and comfy. Also circumstances didn´t really go my way. 

Well, it´s easy to order premade clothes from a dealer and just put your own print on it. But that´s not how we do it at Salty Kiss! As usual - we dream big and to create the product we will be happy with took us forever. Yet - it´s happening! Our first FALL19 limited edition is ready.

All made in Czech republic, including fabrics, tailoring and print! How cool is that? I am so glad I could create a new team here in Czechia.

Since we started Salty Kiss in 2015 we always use 100% of the raw material down to the very last piece. Therefore some of the hoodies are a combination of fabrics, and it gives it a unique look.

The print is made by a charity organisation based in South Czech, where they employ handicapped people and also support foster parenting. You can check their activities (in Czech) here.
Big thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen.

Enjoy the best time of the year - A U T U M N ! And hurry up to check our

xxx. Kat

DIY QUEENS screenprint
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