An important topic for every surfer girl.

I myself have to solve this issue every year, because my bikini either tear apart or I lose them on the way from the surf - no idea how that is possible. 

What is the most important, it's not that easy to find the perfect bikini for your body shape that will stay in place even during the biggest wipeout. Also if you care about the environment. I shouldn't forget to mention that I prefer surf in tropics than in wetsuits.

So I've decided I will introduce you some less known bikini brands which I tried personally or were recommended to me.

I will skip classic brands like Roxy, Rip Curl or Billabong. We all know them.


Even though Czechia is a small landlocked country in the middle of Europe, the surf scene is growing fast. There are few new bikini brands in Czech republic which have popped up recently and you shouldn't miss them.

The pioneer label in Czech surf scene is NUNUI BALI. Who is surprising us every year with new and super original designs and materials. Their surf bikini are perfect in every detail - cross tight bikini top, you can also tighten the bottom. Bikinis are hand made in their workshop in Bali. There is pop up shop in Prague from time to time. But for sure you can order online!


My next popular brand is BIOGA. They are based in South Moravia, Czech Rep. They produce yoga clothes too.
But now we talk about swim suits. I am surfing in their one piece long sleeve swim suit for the last 2 years and it's  just perfect. I recently bought their sleeveless swim-suit for early morning surfing. They have beautiful prints and material that protects you from the sun. However their website is only in Czech, so search for "Dámské plavky" or contact them via email - 


The latest or newest brand is SOUL ANNAMAYA. They use recycled fabric made out of fishing nets which are found on the bottom of the  Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic sea. The bikini patterns are designed for any kind of sport activites, so the clothes actually stay on right place.

For the print the Soul Annamaya founders are using their own photographs from their travels around the world. You can find them in Bali, Lombok or Sri Lanka. The material is super comfy. And the suits are made in their workshop in South Bohemia, Czech rep. You can also try to catch them at the markets or online. On their web go for "Ženy -> plavky" or email them 


While working on my bikini research I also found these interesting brands:

Eywa activewear, limited edition of swimming suits and other clothes from South Moravia, Czech rep. 


Annanemone, label of Anny Šebestové, who is hand printing her drawings on fabrics. She is using linocut. You can find one piece suits on her website. 


Plove is an author project of a Czech designer who is experimenting with a swimsuit material. Some pieces are very experimental and daring, but the minimalist one-piece suit I can imagine to surf in!


You can also find cool prints and patterns in our Slovak sisters brands, two example for all - Aida style


And ecological locally made and sourced Slovakian shop Abraka store. Did you know you need to recycle 5x PET bottles to create one surf top? Now you know! But I believe you don´t buy water in PET bottles anymore..


And since I have spent a couple of years surrounded by German-speaking surfers, I am happy to introduce you to their brands too. It's hard to pick which one is the best - they all have beautiful and original prints & patterns. 

On their websites you will find online shops and quite often the SALE section - ideal if you want to get to know new products without costing you much.

Probably my favorite ones are Hi ocean loving girls! they produce their stuff in Bali, but of course they send their goods worldwide. 
They make swimwear, lycra and other accessories.


Another popular bikini brand between German chicks is Zealous clothing, also made in Bali in small workshops. Available online and worldwide. You can find detailed bikini guide for all type of swimsuits they offer on their website, including sizes. 


Josea surfwear is exceptional only by the fact that their swimwear is designed and made in Hamburg (Germany). Check their cool designs and prints! 


At the end let´s have a look to Switzerland ́s surf bikini market. And not just because I live here for now. Did you hear about OY SURF APPAREL yet?

Their swimsuits are also made in Indo and you can find all kinds of patterns in their offer. Especially bikini top parts are super cool!


Well, I hope I made your bikini shopping a bit easier or that I introduced you to some unknown, yet great, swimsuit brands. 

I believe it's important to support your local designer. Hopefully I didn't miss any of Czech/German bikini brands. If I did, please let me know!

Wish you all great swell chicas! 


PS: All photos belongs to brands itself.

© Copyright Salty Kiss Srí Lanka - All Rights Reserved
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